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Dutch Brothers

Networking, WiFi, Router

Red Bluff Dutch Bros. needed a new security camera system and World Telecom was hired to get the job done. Not surprisingly, the standard router provided by AT&T didn’t allow for proper configuration to open up the ports for outside access. In short, this means the owner Doug could not access cameras from his phone or computer. I KNOW RIGHT?!?! What year is this?!?! […]

Stirring Coffehouse

Networking, WiFi, Router, Internet

The Stirring Coffeehouse is in full swing. A coffeehouse by day, this unique space also multitasks as a private venue for events, a commercial kitchen for vendor and catering prep, as well as a church on Sunday.

Tim Loomis, Director of Operations and Venue Manager, needed a WiFi solution that would allow guests to land on a customized Coffeehouse splash page and access the internet securely. The internet needed to be separate from the private administration offices, reliable AND wicked fast.