Dutch Bros. - Red Bluff

“For honest, reliable and knowledgeable service, I highly recommend Axiom Technology Services for all your IT needs.”
– Doug Fairey, Owner

Red Bluff Dutch Bros. needed a new security camera system and World Telecom was hired to get the job done. Not surprisingly, the standard router provided by AT&T didn’t allow for proper configuration to open up the ports for outside access. In short, this means the owner Doug could not access cameras from his phone or computer. I KNOW RIGHT?!?! What year is this?!?!

In an attempt to remedy the situation, Doug went to a local store and purchased an extensive router that he was told was needed to make it all possible. Of course, it didn’t fix the problem.

Doug called us because we are his IT guys! After a quick assessment it was clear that he had been oversold. We recommended the proper router at a fraction of the price. After configuring the network, we got everything up and working.
Recently, a power outage messed up the router and the camera access went down. We got them up and running in 15 minutes.

Let Axiom Technology Services become your IT guys, too!