Stirring Coffeehouse

The Stirring Coffeehouse is in full swing. A coffeehouse by day, this unique space also multitasks as a private venue for events, a commercial kitchen for vendor and catering prep, as well as a church on Sunday.

Tim Loomis, Director of Operations and Venue Manager, needed a WiFi solution that would allow guests to land on a customized Coffeehouse splash page and access the internet securely. The internet needed to be separate from the private administration offices, reliable AND wicked fast.

After meeting with the Stirring Team to discuss their timeline and work within their budget, we developed a heat map and created a plan. We chose access points with a built-in WYSIWYG splash page editor so the client was able to design a page to match their website. This gave the Stirring Coffeehouse control of the user experience from the moment a guest connected to their network. Once connected, users are redirected to any page they choose that can highlight events or specials of the day.

Through a cloud controller, the Coffeehouse is able to set upload and download throttles on each user, block individual network abusers, or white list/black list specific devices to tightly control access. This online interface shows the client exactly what’s happening on their networks in near real time, so they can manage users, access points and bandwidth like never before.

Come have a cup…and free WiFi all day!

Monday through Friday
6:30am to 4:30pm

Stirring Coffeehouse
2250 Churn Creek Drive – Redding