Servers are the backbone for most businesses today.

A server purchase is probably the biggest technology investment that you will make, something you will use daily for the next half decade. Whether you have an old server or no server at all, you likely have questions on how to invest your resources most effectively. These questions are best made with the help of experts. Axiom Technology Services can help answer these tough questions and insure that your resources are invested wisely now and in the future.

As a server integrator, we truly understand hardware requirements associated with Windows Server technology. We are experts at deploying and managing Windows software solutions for small businesses.

Axiom will help you evaluate the effectiveness your existing resources, assess your current and future needs and explain your options in detail before recommending any type of new investment.

Whether you decide it is most cost-effective to upgrade and maintain your existing server environment for another year or so before considering a complete upgrade or you decide it is time to move to the latest server environment, we understand the quirks associated with these solutions and are able to support and advise businesses with any server installation.
Once deployed, maintaining a Windows Server environment is vitally important.
We ensure that you are patched, protected, and backing-up on a regular basis. We use innovative management software to quickly and seamlessly perform these tasks, making sure everything from e-mail to critical business applications run smoothly. This monthly server management is just another part of our ongoing IT services and support.