So you can focus on your business.

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Outsource your technology headaches to us.


We understand small/medium business and we work within your budget.

Choose from our customized IT outsourced solutions to a fully managed service plan to complement your existing IT infrastructure for a flat monthly fee.


We offer flexible monthly support solutions that make business IT easy to budget, manage, and understand. We partner with you to meet your organization’s specific technology needs through customized support plans tailored for organizations of all sizes, budgets and IT challenges.


Make the investment to protect your business and customer information. We can help you:

  • Monitor your systems 24/7
  • Ensure your business applications and data are available when you need them
  • Back-up valuable data to the cloud with affordable monthly plans


Let us identify poor IT efficiency and unused resources. Axiom will help you and your staff:

  • Protect your information
  • Reduce computer maintenance
  • Save time and money with modern management tools


Most small businesses simply cannot afford dedicated IT staff and may be relying on an in-house expert or a “power user” to resolve technical problems. Unfortunately, this approach means employees are taken off tasks that could deliver more value to your business. Axiom Technology Services ensures that your workforce stays productive while we keep you running smoothly.


In today’s educational environment, doing “more with less” has become the new normal. More than ever, increased technology is required to meet students’ needs and new learning requirements. Axiom Technology focuses on education, offering products and solutions to aid teachers in providing innovative and computer-based learning solutions, driving academic achievement.

Healthcare Technology

With increasing costs and declining reimbursement, provider groups of all sizes and specialties have reason to seek affordable technology solutions. Axiom understands that you are in business to make money, not spend it on unnecessary technology. We focus on small to medium providers, which means we offer products and services priced according to your needs and budget


Like never before, the non-profit sector is facing immense challenges requiring creative solutions. Ever-changing funding sources and increased demand for your services means tight budgets and making due with less. Axiom understands your budget constraints and we are committed to working within your means. Our vendor relationships often allow us to procure hardware and software at a fraction of the retail price offering you the greatest savings possible.


Select one of our services to find out what Axiom can do for you.

Network Support

Your company’s network is crucial to your business; you could say it is the core of your technology infrastructure. We will support your network and equipment so you don’t loose connectivity.

Computer Support

By combining remote support with regular on-site office visits, Axiom Technology Services ensures you get the best computer support, computer repair and IT consulting services in the North State.

Business Security

Security threats don’t just jeopardize your data — they can slow efficiency and consume resources that you could be investing in your business. Let us secure your data and network.

Server Infrastructure

Servers are the backbone for most businesses today. Let Axiom monitor and manage your server infrastructure.
Remote Support Services

Remote Support Services

Need help quick? Sometimes you have an issue that can easily be resolved without waiting for a visit from one of our technicians. We can provide remote support to fix may of your technical issues.

Electronic Health Records

As your practice grows, so do your records. Record growth leads to increased maintenance and storage costs. We can help you implement and manage your Electronic Health Record infrastructure and workflow.

Technology Consulting

To efficiently turn these advances into competitive advantages, you need a technology consulting partner with inventive solutions, well-defined strategies and proven expertise.

Backup & Data Recovery

Without an effective backup and disaster recovery solution, your business is at risk of significant data loss should disaster strike.Let us help you manage your backup plan and recover lost data.

E-mail Infrastructure

Where would your business be without critical E-mail? E-mail is necessary in all aspects of your business and is perhaps your most important IT solution and investment. Axiom can implement and manage both on-site and cloud email systems.

Managed Services

Axiom Technology Services ensures that your workforce stays productive while we keep you running smoothly. Choose from our fully managed service contracts, customized support plan or hourly services.