Small and Medium Business

Most small businesses simply cannot afford dedicated IT staff and may be relying on an in-house expert or a “power user” to resolve technical problems.¬†Unfortunately, this approach means employees are taken off tasks that could deliver more value to your business.

Axiom Technology Services ensures that your workforce stays productive while we keep you running smoothly.

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In today’s educational environment, doing “more with less” has become the new normal. More than ever, increased technology is required to meet students’ needs and new learning requirements.

Axiom Technology focuses on education, offering products and solutions to aid teachers in providing innovative and computer-based learning solutions, driving academic achievement.

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Healthcare Technology

With increasing costs and declining reimbursement, provider groups of all sizes and specialties have reason to seek affordable technology solutions.

Axiom understands that you are in business to make money, not spend it on unnecessary technology. We focus on small to medium providers, which means we offer products and services priced according to your needs and budget.

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Like never before, the non-profit sector is facing immense challenges requiring creative solutions. Ever-changing funding sources and increased demand for your services means tight budgets and making due with less.

Axiom understands your budget constraints and we are committed to working within your means. Our vendor relationships often allow us to procure hardware and software at a fraction of the retail price offering you the greatest savings possible.

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