Where would your business be without critical E-mail? E-mail is necessary in all aspects of your business and is perhaps your most important IT solution and investment.

Axiom Technology Services can work with you to construct new e-mail solutions or maintain and upgrade your existing e-mail infrastructure. Rather than just providing a cookie-cutter recommendation, we collaborate with you and your employees to determine your specific e-mail requirements. We can explain the different benefits and costs associated with each new solution we propose. Axiom will critically examine your business, the best practices of your organization, your employee’s behavior, and make highly considered recommendations that are tailored for your specific needs. Our mission is to come up with a solution that is right for your company’s unique size and budget.

If we determine that a migration your e-mail data to a new server environment is best, you can be sure that your information will be transferred safely and that your new e-mail system will operate efficiently after the move. We’re also very aware of the impact downtime can have on your business. In most cases, we’re able to perform e-mail migrations after business hours or over a weekend to ensure that you don’t lose any productivity.