Security threats don’t just jeopardize your data — they can slow efficiency and consume resources that you could be investing in your business.

There are threats everywhere:

• Viruses
• Phishing
• Adware
• Hostile browser take-over
• Denial of service
• General hacking.

Axiom technology Services can help protect your company and client information. We are experienced in protecting computers, networks, servers and other IT infrastructure from nasty attacks. We offer a variety of affordable services that can help you stay focused on your business knowing that your network is protected.

Axiom IT Security Services:

• E-Mail Security – virus and SPAM filtering
• Password Management Web Security – content filtering
• Server Security – server lock-down and security audits
• Network and Perimeter Security – security audits, infiltration testing
• Computer Protection – antivirus, anti-spyware and safe browsing
• Physical Security – thwart unauthorized access

Let Axiom develop a customized IT security plan for your business.